Pulp Fiction

Pulp Fiction

Pulp Fiction; Players and Characters (limited to 20): Tim Roth as Pumpkin / Ringo / Amanda Plummer as Honey Bunny / Yolanda / Laura Lovelace as Waitress / John Travolta as Vincent Vega / Samuel L. Jackson as Jules Winnfield / Phil LaMarr as Marvin / Frank Whaley as Brett / Burr Steers as Roger / Bruce Willis as Butch Coolidge / Ving Rhames as Marsellus Wallace / Paul Calderon as Paul / İngilizce Bob / Bronagh Gallagher as Trudi / Rosanna Arquette as Jody / Eric Stoltz as Lance / Uma Thurman as Mia Wallace
Director: Quentin Tarantino
Language: English / Spanish / French
Location: 1435 Flower Street, Glendale, California, USA
Rating: 9.0
Release Date: 26 October 1994 (France)
Runtime: 154 min
Title: Pulp Fiction
Author: Quentin Tarantino / Roger Avary
Year: 1994

Pulp Fiction (1994)

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