The Caribbean is a region consisting of the Caribbean Sea, its islands and the surrounding coasts. The region is located southeast of the Gulf of Mexico and North America, east of Central America, and to the north of South America.

Map of Caribbean:

Caribbean Map


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Caribbean Pictures


The geography and climate in the Caribbean region varies. Some islands in the region have relatively flat terrain of non-volcanic origin. These islands include Aruba (possessing only minor volcanic features), Barbados, Bonaire, the Cayman Islands, Saint Croix, The Bahamas or Antigua.

Geography of Caribbean - 2


Geography of Caribbean - 3

Geography of Caribbean


Religion in the Caribbean.

The largest religious groups in the region are: Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Rastafari, Santería, and Voodoo among others.

Religion in Caribbean

Demographics of Caribbean

The population of the Caribbean is estimated to have been around 750,000 immediately before European contact, although lower and higher figures are given. After contact, genocide and disease led to a decline in the Amerindian population.

Demographics of Caribbean - 2


Demographics of Caribbean


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